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5 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Lingerie

Lingerie is powerful.

As your resident lingerie addict, I'm reminded of that power everyday.  Lingerie transforms, inspires, stimulates, and excites.  It allows every woman, no matter her station or circumstance, to express the person she truly is inside in an intimate and meaningful way.  I believe (and I hope you do too) that lingerie is more than underwear...it's womanhood made tangible, no matter what kind of woman you are.

That said, there are some things lingerie is really good at and a few things it simply cannot do.  Here are just a handful of them-- 

1) Lingerie will hardly ever make you look as good as the girl in the advertisement.  And I'm referring to all the girls in advertisements--thick, thin, dark-skinned, light-skinned, tattooed and not.  Modeling today is a miracle of photoshop and computer science.  Unless you have a truly rare genes, you will not look like the models...but you can look like your very best self, and that's what lingerie is all about.

2) The right lingerie can lift both your bum and spirits.  As I mentioned above, lingerie is more than just underwear.  It's not simply a means to an end...something you "have to wear."  The right lingerie makes you look and feel amazing.  Even if you're having a crappy day, a delicate bit of silk, satin, or lace against your most delicate parts can often do wonders to brighten your mood. 

3) More money doesn't always mean more better.  I understand the thrill of expensive lingerie, and I know a big part of that thrill comes from the idea of owning something rare, exclusive, and extraordinary.  But here's the real deal.  For a lot of expensive lingerie, you're just paying for the brand name, the high street address, and the pricey ad campaign...not for the lingerie itself.  You can find great lingerie for less than $30, so trust how it feels on you and not what other people think. 

4) Lingerie will not make up for poor lifestyle habits.  We're past the days of steel-boned corsets when a woman could forcibly mold and shape her figure into the ideal of her time.  And even though lycra and spandex can work wonders, they can't completely mask the effects of a poor diet and no exercise (can you tell I'm speaking from experience here?).  So take care of your body and that way lingerie becomes a complement, not a concealer.

5) There has never been a better time to get into the world of lingerie.  Never.  I am constantly amazed by all the incredible choices available. Whether you're looking for eco-friendly, retro, or latex lingerie, there's something out there for everyone.  

Опубликовано: 2011-04-20 20:07:58